How to Use

How to use a Squatchi®

Squatchi® Kid’s foot sizer is as accurate as the metal ones used in stores. All kids have to do is place their heel against the curved end (heel stop) of the Squatchi® Foot Measuring bearing weight on the foot being measured and ensuring the toes are lying flat on the device. On the line above the longest toe, make a mark with a permanent marker noting foot size. Measure both feet as it is frequent to have one larger foot than the other.

Squatchi® can also be used as a fun keepsake that shows the growth of your children’s feet – keep track and watch how fast your children’s feet grow. Squatchi®, for children, is the perfect tool to use to ensure that your kids’ feet are properly measured so that shoes fit perfectly each and every time.

Squatchi® product description

  • Measures children’s feet from toddler to youth sizes
  • Curved end is raised at the heel to allow accurate measurement and placement of the foot
  • Use a permanent marker:
    • To keep track of the growth of your children’s feet
    • To help save as a fun keepsake




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