Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Squatchi measure width?

We, Amy and I, the co-founders/designers of the Squatchi are moms and between the two of us have a gaggle of kids.   Our shoe shopping experiences were the inspiration behind Squatchi.  As you probably realize, Squatchi is a KIDS shoe scale to be used by parents to measure kids (ages 1-11) feet.


What we found is that the width options offered by children shoe manufacturers (regardless of manufacturer) aren’t as specific as in adult shoe widths.  In fact, children’s shoe width options are narrow, medium and wide.   Many shoe manufacturers don’t even offer wide or narrow.   Unlike adult sizes where we have AA-EEEE and everything in between, children’s shoe widths are general.


Furthermore, the velocity of change with a child’s width is minimal, if any, while the child is wearing children’s shoe sizes.  On the other hand,  the child’s foot length growth can change every month sometimes.  And surprisingly, over 50% of the population has different sized feet (left vs right foot size).


Therefore, given that information we learned through experience and research of children’s shoes and feet, we felt having the ability to easily measure/read the length of both feet imperative.  When designing the foot measuring tool, we found through our market research with mom’s with toddlers,  the width lines caused confusion and most moms considered unnecessary since they generally already knew if their child had normal, wide or narrow feet.


Additionally, the mom’s expressed to us (as was our experience) width can be fairly accurate by just looking at the foot…”oh boy your child has a fat foot”…they needs wide shoes:-)


Lastly, a lot of moms buy Squatchi for the keepsake characteristic (foot growth chart attribute) and want to keep “real estate” available to mark on the Squatchi and provide a track/reference marks of each foot measurement.

How often should I measure my kids feet?

From walking age until early teens, kids feet are constantly growing and should be measured every time you buy new shoes.

My feet are small, can I use Squatchi to measure my adult feet?

It is generally not a good idea because adult shoe sizes are different than children shoe sizes.  For example, a youth size 5.5 is equivalent to an adult women’s size 7 and an adult men’s size 6.

What sizes does Squatchi measure?

Squatchi measures from size 2 toddler up to 5 Youth.  Squatchi is a children’s shoe sizer for ages 1-11 approximately.

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